Computer Maintenance 1 DC

Course Description:

The CyberSecurity program prepares the student for entry into this exciting field by providing introductory training in fundamental security concepts, firewalls and network security, basic scripting, operating systems security, intrusion detection, and incident response. The CyberSecurity program curriculum has been developed with the assistance and advice of an advisory council which is composed of service area industry professionals. About the certification: The Certificate Program provides similar classes to the degree program; however, there are no academic classes in these individual curricula. A student that commences study as a certificate student and later desires to complete the degree program will find that the classes taken for a certificate will readily transfer to the degree program. Upon completion of the Level 1 Workforce Certificate, students will be able to: Use tools to enhance network security. Configure network protocol. Identify sources of computer threats and evaluate potential practices, tools, and technologies to protect individual network systems. Communicate technical issues related to network systems and security through presentations and reports. This certificate can be completed through a mix of face-to-face, hybrid and online classes. Location: TECC West Fees: NCTC Tuition Prereqs: None Coreqs: in the document above

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Internetworking Technologies 1 DC and Internetworking Technologies 2 DC

Other Information:
Offered only at TECC-West. Fees: NCTC Tuition. Corequisite: Networking 1 DC.