Engineering Math

Course Description:

In Engineering Math, students continue to grow their knowledge of robotics by expanding the use of mathematical methods and models to represent and analyze problems involving data acquisition, electrical measurements, manufacturing process, and computer aided design. Students engage in skill development and hands-on activities at least 40% of the time. This course counts as a math credit.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Algebra 2

Other Information:
Offered at High School Campuses
Why Engineering Math?
  • Satisfies 3rd or 4th math for FHSP + Endorsement
  • Explores and connects appropriate mathematics used in the field of engineering and robotic design
Who should consider taking Engineering Math?
  • Completing STEM or non-STEM DLA endorsement path:
    • Want advanced mathematics coursework to support college/career plans in STEM, particularly in engineering
    • Want math coursework used in the field of engineering where students solve and model robotic design problems
    • Want to take coursework in an applied math course