Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration 2

Course Description:

This fourth year of Graphic Design and Illustration offers students a different studio experience. Students will continue to build professional portfolios, in addition to further development of skills and technical knowledge in the digital arts and communications. Students will work as mentors to the other students. Practicum students will produce professional projects for local organizations and businesses, and they will participate in community service projects using their digital communication skills. This experience will further develop knowledge and awareness of the industry in graphic design and illustration. Students typically attend field trips to gain a better understanding of the industry. They also meet with admissions personnel from post-secondary institutions with opportunities for one-on-one feedback on portfolios. Material costs for individual projects kept by the student may be charged. Material and supply fees may be required. This course will satisfy the Fine Art requirement.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration 1. TECC East Counselor Approval

Other Information:
Offered at Technology, Exploration and Career Center - East (TECC-E) Only Required: - Fees may apply