Animation 1

Course Description:

Animation 1 is an introduction to traditional animation. This is a fast paced, technology dependent class. Most of the projects will be done on the computer. Skills learned in Animation will prepare students for a possible future in the television/movie industry in the areas of animation, character design, special effects. Students will digitally create both 2D animations and 3D computer-generated animations. The basic principles of animation will be covered that have been used by professionals from the days of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse up to the modern age of Pixar and DreamWorks. All students will have drawing assignments to help them in building drawing and critical thinking skills. With the approval of the instructor, students may have the choice to complete major projects in either 2D (digitally hand drawn) or 3D (polygonal models). Students should have basic computer skills and be able to manage files and folders properly. It is helpful to have skills in drawing and geometry prior to taking this course. Material and supply fees may be required. Adobe Certification Exams and Autodesk Maya Certifications Available.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: None

Other Information:
Offered at Technology, Exploration and Career Center - East (TECC-E) only.