Animation 2 and Lab

Course Description:

Animation 2 allows students to apply their knowledge of animation to complete fully developed short animations that may be used in their portfolio (demo reel). This is a fast paced, technology dependent class. Most of the projects will be done on the computer. Upon instructor approval, students may have a chance to complete major projects in 2D or 3D. All students will have the opportunity to further their progression by learning acting techniques, lip sync, advanced walk/run/jump cycles, forward kinematics, and inverse kinematics. Students may also have an opportunity to explore other related areas including motion graphics, visualizations, interactive applications, and game simulations. In addition to at least one major individual project, students will combine their talents in a group project. Students are expected to create animated shorts that can be used by the community and entered into animation/film festivals. Students will present their final portfolio to industry professionals during the last two weeks of the semester. The Animation 2 Lab is offered concurrently and gives students time to apply concepts covered in the course to animated short films. Material and supply fees may be required. Adobe Certification Exams Available. Autodesk Certification Exams Available. Animation 2 and Animation 2 Lab must be taken concurrently.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Animation 1 and Lab

Other Information:
Offered at Technology, Exploration and Career Center - East (TECC-E) only. Note: Fees may apply