Practicum in Animation 1

Course Description:

Practicum 1 in Animation is a high-level independent study of the art and technique of animation as applied to the film, television and broadcast industries. Students will have the opportunity to focus their study in a specialized area including 3D character animation, 2D character animation, character design, modeling, and storytelling for film festival submissions. This course is designed specifically for students that are preparing to major in this discipline in college, and/or to work in the Animation Industry. Students will complete both individual and group projects that may be used for entrance in post-secondary institutions, earn scholarships. Students are expected to create an extensive portfolio from animations that can be entered in animation/film festivals, and displayed to the public during the last two weeks of the semester. Note: Material and supply fees may be required. Adobe Certification Exams and Autodesk Maya Certifications Available, Toon Boom Certification will be available.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

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