Cosmetology 2 and Lab

Course Description:

In Cosmetology II, students will demonstrate proficiency in academic, technical, and practical knowledge and skills. The content is designed to provide the occupational skills required for licensure. Instruction includes advanced training in professional standards/employability skills; Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) rules and regulations; use of tools, equipment, technologies and materials; and practical skills The student demonstrates professional standards/employability skills as required by business and industry. Applies academic skills to the field of cosmetology. Demonstrates knowledge of rules and regulations established by the TDLR. Demonstrates proficiency in the use of tools, equipment, technologies, and materials used in cosmetology. Applies the academic knowledge and practical skills to simulated and actual work situations. Analyzes career paths within the cosmetology industry.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Introduction to Cosmetology and Principles of Cosmetology Design and Color Theory

Other Information:
Fees: Total Program Fees of $250 for Cosmetology 2/Lab and Practicum in Human Services. Uniform: Black scrubs required on the first day. Lab supplies to be assessed. Clock hours: an earned hours expectation of 750 hours to move forward to the next course: Practicum in Human Services. Offered at both Career Centers.