Law Enforcement 1

Course Description:

Law Enforcement I is an overview of the history, organization, and functions of local, state, and federal law enforcement. This basic course includes the role of constitutional law, the United States legal system, criminal law, law enforcement terminology, and the classification and elements of crime. Topics in this course include a brief overview of criminal law, legal systems, arrest procedures, conflict resolution, use of force, active shooter, security planning, interview/interrogation and substance abuse. Students will be required to debate, work in groups, make numerous presentations and participate in role playing. CPR Certification through American Heart Association. Active shooter response certification through FEMA and ALERRT. Students will be required to participate in regular physical activities to simulate the hiring process such as running, pushups, and sit-ups. Athletic Physical Required. Fees and physical due by 1st week of class. Uniform will be required by end of 1st week of class (Polo style shirt). Must be taken with Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security.

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Offered at both Career Centers