HVAC 1A (HVAC and Refrigeration Technology 1)

Course Description:

In HVAC 1, students will gain knowledge and skills needed to enter the industry as technicians in the HVAC and refrigeration industry or building maintenance industry, prepare for a postsecondary degree in a specified field of construction management, or pursue an approved apprenticeship program. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in safety, principles of HVAC theory, use of tools, codes, and installation of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. (Must sign up simultaneously for HVAC 1A and HVAC 1B for the HVAC Program). *Offered only at TECC-West **Fees required ***The HVAC Program is a 2 year program

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: None

Other Information:
Offered only at TECC-West. Program fees may apply. Corequisite: HVAC 1B (Principles of Construction: Electrical Technology). The HVAC Program is a 2 year program.