Electrical 3A (Advanced Instrument and Electrical)

Course Description:

Electrical 3A (Advanced Instrument and Electrical) is a course designed for students to develop and build on knowledge and skills from the Introduction to Instrumentation and Electrical course. The learning objectives prepare students with the skills essential for electrical and instrument work environment for construction & maintenance in the petrochemical and manufacturing industry. Students will learn the electrical theories and calculations needed to troubleshoot electrical circuits and the tools and instruments used to fix or replace the electrical components including switches, relays, capacitors, resistors, and motors. Students will also learn how to identify, fabricate, and replace tubing and piping used in refining and chemical processes. **Must be taken at TECC-West **Must be taken with Electrical 2A.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisites: Electrical 2

Other Information:
Offered only at TECC-West.