Graphic Design & Illustration 2

Course Description:

Graphic Design and Illustration Students focus on expanding and improving design portfolios during this second year of Graphic Design and Illustration. Students study advanced concepts in illustration and design by learning new software programs and continuing to hone skills in image editing and digital photography. Students may select an area of visual communication to begin specializing in during this year of study. This may include graphic design, photography, or digital illustration. Students typically have guest speakers from the industry, as well as, from post-secondary institutions with opportunities to meet one-on-one with admissions personnel for individual feedback on portfolios. Students conduct weekly studies of college art and media programs, as well as various professional careers in advertising and media businesses. Students will also work as mentors to the year one students. The course provides opportunities for additional Adobe certification exams. Material costs for individual projects kept by the student may be charged. Material and supply fees may be required.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

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