Graphic Design & Illustration 1 and Lab

Course Description:

This entry level course introduces students to the visual communication portion of all media businesses. You will learn about media careers, including graphic design and illustration jobs, starting a freelance career, and working at a professional ad agency. The class concentrates on digital photography and works towards the intermediate level use of image editing and drawing programs. This includes a strong focus on software in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator. This knowledge will benefit any future graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, videographer, animator, or advertiser. Beginning a high quality portfolio for college or design school is also a target goal. If you have ever wanted to design CD covers, create promo posters for your favorite band`s latest concert, create illustrated characters, or design professional logos, this may be the class for you. Students will complete the industry recognized Adobe Certification Associate exam at the end of the semester. Material costs for individual projects kept by the student may be charged. Material and supply fees may be required. Graphic Design and Illustration 1 and Graphic Design and Illustration 1 Lab must be taken concurrently.

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