Principles of Architecture

Course Description:

This course provides an overview for the various fields of architecture, interior design, and construction. Students use project-based experience and career information to set and achieve realistic career and educational goals for architecture and the allied arts. Classroom studies include principles of design, drawing and technical drafting, model construction, architectural history, work ethics and employability, communication, and teamwork. Students will engage in projects throughout the semester that teach creative problem solving, critical thinking, and the development of technical skills. (Must be taken simultaneously with Architectural Design 1 (TECCE) below for the 2 credit program).

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Recommendation: Middle School Art and Technology, and Art 1

Other Information:
Offered at Technology, Exploration and Career Center - East (TECC-E) Only Corequisite: Architectural Design 1 (TECC-E)