Ext Practicum in Marketing (Second Time Taken)

Course Description:

This course consists of in-class instruction as well as early release for on-the-job training. Students are required to hold gainful employment for 15 hours a week for the entire school year. Students will learn how marketing decisions are made and the steps involved in the marketing process. Students will also learn various marketing strategies that businesses use to create and promote products, satisfy customers, and make a profit. In addition to these marketing concepts, students will learn how to understand economic foundations that are essential to knowing where, when, why and how to get goods and services into the hands of consumers. Students will learn the skills necessary to market yourself in today`s competitive workforce. Membership in the marketing student leadership organization (DECA) is highly recommended.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Ext Practicum in Marketing (First Time Taken)

Other Information:
Must be at least 16 at the beginning of the year