ART 4 Ceramics

Course Description:

These courses prepare students for an in-depth study of three-dimensional designs in clay. Functional and nonfunctional sculptural techniques will be studied. Students will develop a personal style of expression through their work in clay including: hand-building, throwing on the potter`s wheel, glazing, and alternative firing processes. A study of artists and their work provides a basis for students to learn how to evaluate work and apply that knowledge to their own work. Preparation of a portfolio is required. This project may culminate in the submission of the AP 3D portfolio, showcasing a sample of the student`s best work. *One full credit (18 weeks) must be earned in the previous level for entry into the next higher-level ceramics course.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Art 3 Ceramics*

Other Information:
Offered at HS Campuses Note: - Fees may apply