Automotive Technology 1 - Dual Credit

Course Description:

In Automotive Technology Dual Credit, students receive an in-depth learning experience into the automotive industry, safety practices, shop equipment and tools, vehicle subsystems, service publications, fasteners, professional responsibilities, and automotive maintenance. An overview of the electrical systems including topics in operational theory, testing, diagnosis, and repair of batteries, charging and starting systems, and electrical accessories. Emphasis on electrical schematic diagrams and service manuals. Operation and repair of drum/disc type brake systems. Emphasis on safe use of modern equipment. Topics include brake theory, diagnosis, and repair of power, manual, anti-lock brake systems, and parking brakes. Suspension and steering systems including tire and wheel problem diagnosis, component repair, and alignment procedures. Students will then participate in the internship program where the student will work at automotive repair facility. Students are required to sit for two ASE tests and attend two study sessions held at Brookhaven Community College to receive credit for this course. Upon completion of this course students will earn a Chassis Service Technician certificate from Brookhaven Community College. A total of 15 college credit hours. Students/Parents/ Guardians are responsible for any tuition, registration, fees and textbook costs. Students served under Free/Reduced lunch may qualify for a tuition waiver.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: None

Other Information:
Offered at Technology, Exploration and Career Center - East (TECC-E) only