Digital Sports Media

Course Description:

Sports Media offers training in the audio/video production, photography, graphic design and animation industries. Students will get basic training in these different fields and the industry-standard software applications used in them. The Sports Media class will work with LISD high schools and sports organizations to regularly produce live-stream broadcasts of LISD sporting events. Project work for the class will include creating sports graphics and animations, sports photography and highlight videos, basic social media management and live sports productions. Some examples of jobs in this cluster are videographer, Sports anchor/reporter, sports photographer, graphic designer, motion graphics designer, and many others. Requires enrollment in Principles of AAVTC and Digital Media concurrently. Students are required to have their own 16GB SD Digital Media Card for the class.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Recommendation: AV Production, Graphic Design, Animation, Photography, Broadcast Journalism, Yearbook, Sports Marketing

Other Information:
Offered at both Career Centers Corequisite: Sports Media - Principles of Arts, AV Technology & Communication