Advanced Event Planning & Restaurant Management

Course Description:

Advanced Event Planning and Restaurant Management allows students to explore one of the most explosive and dynamic career paths available today and will open the door for college or entry-level industry positions. Careers in the hospitality industry include lodging, food and beverage, recreation, and travel and tourism. The curriculum provides an overview of the industry, customer relations, trends, employability skills, interpersonal skills, hotel and restaurant operations, and career opportunities. Trade schools, colleges and universities offering hospitality and culinary programs will be introduced. Course content will be delivered through class discussion, role plays, lecture presentations, internet research, guest speakers, and field trips. Professionalism, maturity, employability skills (i.e. positive attitude, appearance, grooming, work ethic, no behavior or discipline issues, regular attendance) and interpersonal skills (i.e. pleasant facial expressions, eye contact, friendliness) will be assessed in this course and will be expected or the student may be dismissed from the program. Material and supply fees may be required.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Introduction to Event & Meeting Planning and Foundations of Restaurant Management

Other Information:
Offered only at TECC-West. Required: - Course Fee - $25 Uniform Shirt - Must be 16 years of age or older - Black pants - Black slip-resistant shoes - Black dress socks - Black belt.