Military Science 2 (LET-2), Leadership 2 - Spring

Course Description:

This social science course is designed to further enhance the leadership foundational principles and communications skills developed during Army JROTC Fall LET-2 Term. Small group meetings, State Constitutions, roles of citizens, new citizenship and constitutional issues, and constitutionalism and other countries are taught and demonstrated through practical exercises. Physical fitness activities are conduct weekly to support the total wellness objectives of the curriculum and goals of JROTC. Leadership opportunities and decision-making processes are explored based upon prior taught lessons and experiences. Etiquette is taught and enforced during the required Military Ball conducted during this term. Towards the end of the term, LET-2 cadets are notified of leadership positions they are selected for that are currently assigned to LET-3 and LET-4 cadets and perform as understudy to the advancing LET-3 and LET-4 cadets. (Local Credit Course)

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Recommendation: LET 1 & 2; Instructor approval may be required

Other Information:
Offered at The Colony High School