Personal Financial Literacy - Virtual Learning

Course Description:

The Personal Financial Literacy course is designed to provide tools to facilitate an economically secure lifestyle maintained by the use of valuable economic and financial principles. Students will practice implementing real-life economic and financial skills centered about working, saving, investing, consuming and participating in the global economy. Specific attention will be given to credit, budgeting, buying a home and car, retirement and funding education beyond high school. Students will connect rigor with relevancy by utilizing resources provided by the Federal Reserve and the National Council on Economic Education. At course completion, students will be able to manage, evaluate, choose and reason how to allocate their scarce resources of money and time toward a most highly-valued use. A working knowledge of Personal Financial Literacy will create not only personal security, but local, state and national security as well.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Other Information:
Offered online via the LISD Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)