Chemistry B - Dual Credit (General Chemistry 2 - CHEM 1412) 18 week

Course Description:

Lecture: Chemical equilibrium; phase diagrams and spectrometry; acid-base concepts; thermodynamics; kinetics; electrochemistry; nuclear chemistry; an introduction to organic chemistry and descriptive inorganic chemistry. Lab: Basic laboratory experiments supporting theoretical principles presented in CHEM 1312; introduction of the scientific method, experimental design, chemical instrumentation, data collection and analysis, and preparation of laboratory reports. Students/Parents/Guardians are responsible for any registration, tuition, fees and textbook costs. Students served under Free/Reduced lunch may qualify for tuition waivers. This course is equivalent to CHEM 1412 - General Chemistry 2 (4 credit hours).

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: CHEM 1411

Other Information:
Note: 18 week semester course