College Prep Math blendED

Course Description:

Students will study linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational and radical expressions, equations, and functions as well as probability and statistics. College Prep Math is designed to help students meet college entrance requirements (TSI testing) and to be ready for entry-level college math coursework. Students taking this course are strongly encouraged to take the TSI upon course completion. Students meet as a class two to three days a week with their teacher and have opportunities to work collaboratively and independently in flexible learning spaces throughout the campus primarily through digital content delivered over the internet. Students may also meet individually and in small groups with their teachers on independent learning days for personalized instruction. The course may not be offered on all campuses.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Geometry & Algebra 2

Other Information:

Why College Prep Math blendED?
  • HB 5 course that satisfies 4th math on FHSP + Endorsement
  • To prepare students for entry-level college coursework
  • To support students in meeting TSI math assessment requirements
Who should consider taking College Prep Math blendED?
  • 12th grade students who have not yet met TAC Texas Success Initiative Exemptions that Define College Readiness as indicated by:
    • ACT: composite of 23 with minimum of 19 on the math test
    • SAT: minimum of 530 on math test
    • TSI Math Assessment: minimum of 350