AP Computer Science A (Math)

Course Description:

Computer Science AP will prepare students for the Advanced Placement Examination in Computer Science. The course is designed for students who are interested in majoring in Engineering, Mathematics, Science, or Computer Science. Topics include advanced data structures, sorting, and searching algorithms, dynamic memory allocation, algorithmic analysis and Object Oriented Programming. JAVA is the language used for completing the program assignments. Strong programming skills are necessary for this course. Student transcript shall be awarded 2 credits consisting of one advanced math and one LOTE credit. It will count as one AP weighted credit toward GPA.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Computer Science 1

Other Information:

Why AP Computer Science A (Math)?
  • Satisfies 3rd math for FHSP
  • May be beneficial in admissions process or scholarship opportunities, particularly at more competitive universities
  • Students who take the AP Computer Science A course and exam are well prepared to continue their study of computer science and its integration into a wide array of computing and STEM-related fields
  • Students who successfully complete the course and exam may receive credit, advanced placement or both for a one- semester college computer science course
Who should consider taking AP Computer Science A (Math)?
  • Completing STEM or non-STEM DLA endorsement path:
    • Want advanced mathematics coursework to support college/career plans in STEM, particularly in the field of computer science
    • Want to major in other disciplines and want to be informed citizens in today‚Äôs technological society
    • Want to complete studies equivalent to an introductory college course in computer science
    • Want opportunity to potentially earn college credit and/or advanced placement through AP exam
    • Want coursework to be competitive in admissions process or scholarship opportunities