Mathematical Models with Applications

Course Description:

In Mathematical Models with Applications, students will use a mathematical modeling cycle to analyze problems, understand problems better, and improve decisions. Students learn to apply mathematics through experiences in personal finance, science, engineering, fine arts, and social sciences.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 Recommendation: Geometry

Other Information:

Why Mathematical Models with Applications?
  • Satisfies 3rd math for FHSP
  • Math content learned through modeling of real-life problems
  • Content that supports variety of options in future math coursework including college core math requirement - Contemporary Mathematics
Who should consider taking Mathematical Models with Applications?
  • 11th-12th grade students:
    • Want math coursework that explores modeling in finance, science, fine arts, and social science fields
    • Want mathematics coursework based on college/career plans in Arts & Humanities