Mathematical Models with Applications

Course Description:

In Mathematical Models with Applications, students will use a mathematical modeling cycle to analyze problems, understand problems better, and improve decisions. Students learn to apply mathematics through experiences in personal finance, science, engineering, fine arts, and social sciences. Graphing technology will be utilized in this course.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 Recommendation: Geometry

Other Information:

Why Mathematical Models with Applications?
  • Satisfies 3rd math for FHSP
  • Math content learned through modeling of real-life problems
  • Content that supports variety of options in future math coursework including college core math requirement - Contemporary Mathematics
Who should consider taking Mathematical Models with Applications?
  • 11th-12th grade students:
    • Want math coursework that explores modeling in finance, science, fine arts, and social science fields
    • Want mathematics coursework based on college/career plans in Arts & Humanities