Independent Study in Math - Dual Credit (Calculus I - MATH 2413) 18 week

Course Description:

Students will study limits and continuity; the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; definition of the derivative of a function and techniques of differentiation; applications of the derivative to maximizing or minimizing a function; the chain rule, mean value theorem, and rate of change problems; curve sketching; definite and indefinite integration of algebraic, trigonometric, and transcendental functions; with an application to calculation of areas. Students/Parents/Guardians are responsible for any registration, tuition, fees and textbook costs. Students served under Free/Reduced lunch may qualify for tuition waivers. This course is equivalent to Calculus I (MATH 2413).

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Math 2412 OR both Math 1314 AND Math 1316, OR placement score required by College Math Department

Other Information:
Note: 18 week semester course