Calculus AB GT AP

Course Description:

Calculus (AB) Advanced Placement is the study of introductory differential and integral calculus. Participation in the Advanced Placement examination for a possibility of 3 hours college credit is advised. Graphing technology will be utilized in this course. Enrollment in designated GT courses will be limited to students who formally qualified for Gifted and Talented Services in LISD. If a GT course does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, it may need to be combined with the Honors/AP course offering.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Precalculus or AP Precalculus

Other Information:

Why Calculus AB GT AP?
  • Satisfies 3rd or 4th math for FHSP + Endorsement
  • May be beneficial in admissions process or scholarship opportunities, particularly at more competitive universities
  • Calculus coursework is generally required for science, engineering, business, and mathematics majors
  • Students who successfully complete the course and exam may receive credit, advanced placement or both for a one- or two-semester college calculus course
Who should consider taking Calculus AB GT AP?
  • Completing STEM or non-STEM DLA endorsement path:
    • Want advanced mathematics coursework to support college/career plans in STEM or Business & Industry
    • Want to complete studies equivalent to a one or two semester, college course in calculus
    • Want opportunity to potentially earn college credit and/or advanced placement through AP exam
    • Want coursework to be competitive in admissions process or scholarship opportunities