Latin 3 Honors

Course Description:

HONORS courses will offer an additional layer of depth and complexity applied to the standard core content alongside the high expectations and authentic learning experiences found in all LISD courses Depth and complexity applied to the standard curriculum offers rich learning experiences for students interested in taking on the challenge of advanced coursework. Latin 3 Honors is for students who have reached a high level of reading and composition proficiency during the first two courses. Level appropriate texts in this course will include a strand of study over authentic Latin texts to help prepare students for the Advanced Placement testing opportunity. The expected outcome of this course is developing Novice Mid to Advanced Low proficiency across various linguistic skills. This course requires students to read and write in Latin a significant amount of time.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: Latin 2 or Credentialing Interview

Other Information:
LOTE Proficiency Level: (Novice-M to Adv.- L)