English 4 - Sheltered ESL

Course Description:

Counts as English 4 for graduation requirements for English Learners. The district provides a linguistically accommodated English 4 Sheltered course. English 4 includes an integrated study of composition, rhetoric, and a particular focus on college-level reading analysis across genres. The course features extensive skill instruction in both research and writing. Students will also encounter frequent opportunities to engage with a variety of self-selected texts that build their critical thinking skills and personal enjoyment for reading. Testing for placement is required and students must be receiving ESL services to enroll in this class.

Prerequisite & Recommendations:

Prerequisite: English 1 or ESOL 1, English 2 or ESOL 2, and English 3 or English 3 Sheltered - Limited proficiency in the English language as determined by a state approved language assessment - Testing for placement is required and student must be receiving ESL services

Other Information: